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3000bpm (sycamore)


Image of 3000bpm (sycamore)
  • Image of 3000bpm (sycamore)
  • Image of 3000bpm (sycamore)
  • Image of 3000bpm (sycamore)

Cast Bronze Hummingbird with Sycamore Heart
5 x 5 x 5"

These little lovelies were inspired by my wife, who loves hummingbirds. Made of bronze and various species of wood salvaged from the street trees of Los Angeles, these sculptures hang on the wall (with hardware provided). The title, 3000bpm (beats per minute), refers to a hummingbird’s average wing speed, but also to that feeling one gets when in the presence of the subject of your affection.

“The hummingbird uses enormous amounts of energy and is in constant search for sustenance to maintain the life force it needs to fly. The soul is the same.”
- Dianne V. Lawrence

“There’s a tension between the hummingbird and the handcuffs. We all live somewhere between the two”
- Leonard Cohen

These are handmade objects so they are each slightly different, and the wood grain varies greatly. If you would like a specific species not pictured, let us know.

While some of this series are in stock, many are made to order, so please allow at least 3 weeks turnaround on most orders. If the option says "sold out", it is possible that the particular species of wood or designated patina is out of stock temporarily. Please contact us so we can find an alternative or custom produce one for you.